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Quality is key

Curriculum quality is key to making an impact on the lives of clients. Quality requires accurate & documented content along with compelling and relatable information. Add to that high production value and up-to-date lessons for a BrightCourse win!

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The Power of Connection

Discussion questions are written for each lesson. These exist for a single purpose; to create relationship between the instructor and client. The questions are open ended and exploratory to allow the client to share real fears and concerns in a non-judgmental supportive environment.

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Content Driven by Belief

Our videos are powerfully designed, our resources are abundant and clear, and the content is researched and documented; all to create impact and foster relationship.

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Turnkey Cliché

Turnkey is certainly overused, but BrightCourse curriculum deserves this descriptor. The lessons are ready, with simple instructions, distributable worksheets, powerful discussion questions, homework, and even factsheet handouts! If you want to get started, just turn that key - sign up and start using the lessons today!

Lesson Options

BrightCourse has the lessons your clients need. This includes lessons on pregnancy, infancy, toddlers, parenting, life skills, and more; and we are adding to this list with brand new lessons every month! The new and updated lessons are included with your subscription; there is no need to upgrade or re-invest.

Made for People

BrightCourse lessons are accessible and real. The scripts and content are written at an eighth grade reading comprehension level to allow for easy digestion. The videos include interviews with peers and experts alike and stories that bring the viewer inside the content. In short, BrightCourse is made for real people.

Control Your Program

Brightcourse is flexible, extensible, and adaptable (and those are just the buzzwords). Use it as works best for you with all resources or only those you choose.

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