Special Circumstances Pack

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Hurt and Healing

Healing is a process that takes time, work, and God’s help. This set looks deeply at just a few subjects to allow your clients to go a little deeper on hard subjects. The first module is filled with five different lessons covering five different subjects. None of the lessons is designed to do anything other than help the client understand that they are not alone and there is help. The lessons will show your clients their need for further help and share with them a future hope. Once they have come to a place where they want to begin the process the center is now able to offer an in depth program of their own. The next two modules cover the path that a woman needs to walk to have healing and health through the adoption process. The process isn’t easy for birth mothers and these ten lessons acknowledge that truth and give them an empathy-filled set of courses that will guide them through this hard time.

Finally, module four is new this year. It adds five lessons on Sexual Health from the viewpoint that sex is emotional, physical and spiritual. This broader view brings into focus the reality that sex is best when performed inside marriage.

Special and Strong

These modules are special and will never be used as often as the Main Curriculum. The difference is, though, that when you need them you need these exact lessons and none others will do. The subjects are specific but incredibly important in your client’s lives. Get the Special Circumstances pack to guide your clients in these hard situations and walk with them in their journey forward.

4 Modules • 20 Lessons

The special circumstances pack where we keep those important but more specialized lessons. For example, the ten adoption lessons are included in this set for any mother looking at the adoption option. Or,when a subject requires the knowledge of a loving and forgiving God (like “Post Abortion”), then it is placed in Special Circumstances to allow centers to reach into these powerful lessons when relationships reach that point where it makes sense. This year we have even added a module about sexual health, three of which bring the message from a religious viewpoint. The lessons in this pack are going to make a difference for your clients but they are just for anyone. If you are looking for deeper healing or change, this is the pack you need.