Special Circumstances Pack

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We’re now offering the Special Circumstances Pack, with new and updated lessons to reach your clients in the most important areas of their lives. The pack includes 4 modules and a total of 20 lessons.

Module 1 - Covers five difficult situations that your clients may experience. Each new video is carefully tailored to reach the hurting soul of each woman and offer hope and truth through God’s love and forgiveness. Covering the hard subjects of post abortion, relationship loss, domestic violence, pregnancy loss, and healing from abuse.

Modules 2 and 3 - Help clients explore adoption. To overcome the natural hesitancy of client advocates, we’ve included a DVD that trains them how to present adoption as an option, and how to get beyond the client’s first negative reaction. Each lesson in the two modules includes a companion segment offering additional training for your advocates.

Module 4 - Sexual health lessons including Sex and You (spiritual), The Heart of the Matter (spiritual), STD/STI Avoidance (non-spiritual), Choosing Marriage (non-spiritual), and Making the Commitment (spiritual)