Updated & Applicable

Our Life Skills pack has been updated every year for the past three years. That means almost every lesson is up-to-date with documented and relatable videos ready for your clients to watch. From the ten financial health videos to the five family success videos to the five new personal health lessons, your clients will love them all!

The Most Important Topics

You know your clients struggle with different areas of their lives. Some of them have anger management issues, some have home health issues, and some even have hygiene issues. These topics may be hard to bring up and work through, but the Life Skills Pack addresses each of them with gentleness and grace. The videos are full of empathy and interviews so that they don’t feel like they are alone in their struggles. The lessons bring up practical solutions they can use every day that are truthful but also easily achievable. The worksheets and homework reinforce their ability to succeed and the discussion questions will help the client and advocate to strengthen their relationship and grow closer together. In short, if you want help addressing some of the life skills that your clients need, this pack is one you will want to have on hand.

25 Important Lessons

The need for basic life skills is felt by every client advocate around the country. Those simple things that our parents taught us are not being passed down to the next generation of broken families. These 5 modules work to provide the important yet basic skills through 25 lessons. Covering subjects from hygiene, to finances, to anger management, to job skills, these lessons are going to make a difference in the futures of your clients.

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