Toddlers are WONDERFUL!

If by wonderful you mean challenging, loving, and energetic. The toddler years are full of lots of fun and growth and along with that comes the need for consistent and loving parenting. The EWYL Toddler pack is designed to equip your clients with the exact skills they need to get through the tot-years.

This pack covers all the most important bases for your moms of toddlers including tantrums, sleeping, whining, milestones, accidents, nutrition, siblings and so much more! For your clients with toddlers this pack can be a sanity-saver! Plus, lessons can be taught situationally as the needs of the client’s toddler dictates. This personalized approach makes the impact even greater!

Lessons that Relate!

The toddler lessons are designed to be relatable to your clients. What does that mean? It means that we acknowledge struggles and mistakes and we encourage the good parenting they are already doing. We have moms their age to relate their own hard times which helps the viewer not feel alone in their difficulties. The lessons are made to be real, understandable and, ultimately, very useful. Every toddler mom needs these lessons to help them get through the day!

4 Modules • 20 Lessons

Toddlerhood can be tricky but this pack helps mothers not just survive, but thrive! The lessons cover the most important situations of the toddler experience and bring simple helpful information that can be used day in and day out.

Module T1 has five lessons helping new mothers understand toddler milestones. These videos will help prepare your clients for what is coming next and to know how to help toddlers that are not quite reaching standard milestones.

Module T2 Module T2 focuses on how to work with your toddler’s behavior in special circumstances. Covering subjects like Tantrums (both avoiding and handling it in the moment) and the issues and strategies surrounding new siblings, these lessons are perfect to help a mother work through big changes in the life of a toddler.

Module T3 is a hands on set of lessons to help with day to day parenting of a toddler including strategies to deal with whining, bedtimes, and how to use words to build up your toddler.

Module T4 covers important topics such as Toddler Safety, Toddler Accidents, Toddler Illnesses, Toddler Nutrition and Toddler Oral Health. This is that important basic information all moms need.

If you have clients with toddlers, these lessons are going to make an impact. The full set is on sale and available at a great price. Start reaching families with this powerful information today!