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Tabitha Thieme completed Labor 101: Infant Care12/01/2021 5:59 PM

Client Completed Lesson

Marissa Buckley completed Labor and Delivery: Getting Ready11/12/2021 3:24 PM

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Shared Subscriptions

Subscription Based

BrightCourse is a subscription-based service, so the cost depends on what you choose to license during registration. The first month is FREE when you sign up at BrightCourse.com, which allows you to try the program for a month without cost or obligation.

Subscriptions are based on concurrent stream counts. This means a single subscription can be used by multiple users (see below) as long as videos are not being streamed from the same pack at the same time. In addition, classroom viewing rights are included, and the worksheets can be duplicated and shared as often as needed.

Using Concurrent Subscriptions

Concurrent subscriptions can be used to your organizations advantage. For example, if you have three different presentation rooms that will be used at the same time, you only need three subscriptions (even if you have 10 teachers!). Or, if you have different shifts for teaching, you only need one subscription per shift per teacher. And, with user management, all users can have their own login – they only use the concurrent licenses when they are actively watching videos!