Up to Date

Not Old-School

At BrightCourse, we make a point of creating videos that are up-to-date in both research and presentation. Each lesson is designed to be relatable to the younger audiences who have grown up watching thousands of hours of YouTube. The use of interviews, personal stories, and modern graphics draw the viewer into the story and gives compelling context to the content. The end result is powerful information presented with strong entertainment value in a relatable format.

Don't Settle

You don't have to settle for videos that depict hairstyles from two decades ago. The content may be great, but the clients may still have trouble getting around, "Those pants!" Instead, choose BrightCourse for new videos and lessons. In fact, every month we are adding brand new videos, at a rate of about thirty a year. That means you will always have fresh content for your clients (and they won't hate it!).

Seeing through their eyes...

BrightCourse is designed for the clients. One issue this brings is, sometimes, older generations watch the video and don't appreciate the quick transitions or club-like music. But the truth is, our young test audiences love it! Watch the videos through their eyes and see how happy they are to have a format they are familiar with.