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Healing Heart

Level: None
Earned: Not yetHealing is heart-deep and vital for clients to grow. Investing in their healing is what th...

Biblical Concepts

Level: None
Earned: Not yetThe message of Christ is simple; He gives GRACE! Learn how to communicate that grace to yo...

Firm Foundation

Level: None
Earned: Not yetLearning to be the best advocate possible will not only help your clients, it will make yo...

Faithful Shepherd

Level: None
Earned: Not yetAdministrators help accomplish the important work of changing lives. Learn how to effectiv...

Tech Savvy Servant

Level: None
Earned: Not yetTechnology can enhance relationships and provide opportunities for connection. Administrat...

BrightCourse Experience

Level: None
Earned: Not yetHave you had considerable experience using BrightCourse? This badge identifies those who s...

Great Communicator

Level: None
Earned: Not yetYou earn this badge by spending time communicating with clients either via text or video c...

Super Sharer

Level: None
Earned: Not yetWhen you share lessons, you can earn this badge. Simply assign lessons to clients and your...

Finishing Well

Level: None
Earned: Not yetIncrease your client lesson completion rates by following-up, spending time with the clien...

Client Keeping Center

Level: None
Earned: Not yetHelping your clients over the long-haul shows your love and passion. This badge is earned ...

Learning Center

Level: None
Earned: Not yetThis badge is awarded to your entire center as fellow advocates complete training courses ...

Tech Forward Center

Level: None
Earned: Not yetBrightCourse is powerful. But most centers neglect to use many of its helpful capabilities...

Expert Admin

Level: None
Earned: Not yetIf you are an administrator and use BrightCourse effectively then this badge is yours! If ...

Organization Achievement

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Earned: Not yetWhen your organization earns a lot of badges, then your whole organization gets one more! ...

Award Details

Audience Reviewed

Created for Impact

The average millennial spends seven and a half hours on YouTube a week, and that number keeps increasing. As a media production company creating content for your clients, we thought long and hard about how to connect with the YouTube generation. We thought about eating Tide Pods, but instead we decided to do something else – make great videos. Lots of them. Videos that are perfect for this generation. They are millennial and post-millennial audience reviewed, physician approved, research based, and results tested. These videos will grow your relationship and make a serious impact in their lives.

Millennial & Post-Millennial Viewpoints

Audience testing is a huge part of every video BrightCourse makes. We get feedback from every participant, both in written form and on 60 different data points covering a range of reactions. BrightCourse provides videos that are written, created, and produced for your client base, and our audience review forms guide us in hitting the mark. The generational gap is too large to trust anything but real live tests, and BrightCourse has made that happen with each and every one of our lessons.

Which audience?

Our audiences have specific requirements to attend our previews. The short way of saying it, they must be like your clients. We ensure that they are young and have children. On average they make less than $35k a year and have about a high-school education or less. BrightCourse is made for the real world – and that is where we test it as well.