Discussions that go somewhere

Discussion questions are written for each lesson. These exist for a single purpose: to create a relationship between the instructor and client. The questions are open ended and exploratory to allow the client to share real fears and concerns in a non-judgmental, supportive environment. Guidance for each question is provided to help the facilitator direct and support the conversation so that the client knows they have been heard.

What is open ended?

Open-ended questions can be hard – they are asking for thoughts and desires and will step into the client's life. This is why BrightCourse provides the suggestions for guiding each response to help the facilitator grow a deeper connection that increases impact. Through real questions, relational stories, and simple listening skills, the facilitator will make the information provided much more powerful.

Sample Discussion Sheet

Why Discussion?

The role of relationship in education is vital and is, unfortunately, often missing. The ability to relate to both the content and the presenter create a natural pathway for the information to be applied. The freedom to be open and honest grows from relationship and that allows the information to be respected and implemented. At BrightCourse, we recognize that reaching clients is not all informational; it is also relational. BrightCourse provides the tools to help make that happen in your lessons.