Pre/Post Testing

Real Testing, Real Audiences

We evaluate each lesson with pre- and post-testing using test audiences that are demographically similar to standard clientele. The results show incredible increases in key learning objectives from pre to post tests.

Additionally, the review comments from our viewers show that our lessons have captured their imagination and attention, enabling them to go home and make immediate changes as a result of what they have learned.

Entertaining Education?

Entertainment, normally thought at odds with education, is used throughout our lessons to keep the clients' interest while giving positive context to the information they are learning. The standard client has grown up watching online videos and expects more than a dry presentation. We gladly strive to meet these expectations with fun and powerful context while presenting reliable and documented content. In fact, our content is researched and written by professionals, reviewed by physicians and content experts, and tested for key learning objective comprehension using pre- and post-testing methods.