Relatable & Understandable

Built Around Communication

Being factually correct is just the beginning with BrightCourse educational videos. We craft our lessons to not only be accurate but entertaining as well. Our lessons are designed to be relatable and fun, drawing the viewer into the presentation through the use of interviews, personal stories, and strong graphics. The end result is valuable information presented with strong entertainment value.

As you preview our videos, you will likely notice that we talk to our viewer and we use many interviews. We undertake an intentional personal style to create connection so that our facilitators can work to create change. Information without personal application is useless, and the personal style of our videos helps the viewer see that the information is real and applicable. The second thing you will notice is that we use interviews of other moms a lot – and not of perfect moms (we couldn't find any anyway). We interview real moms. This real view of life draws the viewer in as they say, "That is how I feel," or, "I have done that before." The interviews are fun and sometimes sad, but always important.

Why Relatable?

There is an old (and perhaps worn out) saying: "They don't care how much you know until they know how much you care." While this has lost some of its power from overuse, the truth is still there: relationships matter. Earning the right to speak into someone's life still comes from reliable information and showing that you care.