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Tabitha Thieme completed Labor 101: Infant Care12/01/2021 5:59 PM

Client Completed Lesson

Marissa Buckley completed Labor and Delivery: Getting Ready11/12/2021 3:24 PM

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Information for Keeps

Each lesson is made of multiple parts that can be used to the best effect for your client. The two main pieces of a lesson are the video for the client to watch and the fact sheet that includes the pertinent facts from the video for the client to keep. These two pieces allow the presentation of the information that is both interesting and accessible.

Home Reference Materials

The FactSheet is designed to give your clients an easy way to reference the important parts of the lesson while at home. Some lessons simply have too many details to remember (such as "Immunizations"), so it is important that the client is left with an accessible piece that has the details they need. When needed, the fact sheet will be at their fingertips and ready for reference.

Sample FactSheet

Why Instructions?

BrightCourse is so simple that instructions are almost unecessary. But each lesson has them there to help give any context needed to the instructor, especially for first time usage.