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Pregnancy & Birth Pack

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If you have expecting clients, this pack will guide them through their pregnancy, birth, and the first few weeks back home. Choose lessons starting in the first trimester through infant care and expectations.

Your First Trimester - 30 min. You’re pregnant, and you’re wondering, Now what? There is a lot to know about pregnancy, your changing body, and your developing baby. So much happens in that first trimester! You will experience changes in your body, your emotions, and your lifestyle. Your baby also goes through a lot of growth, developing into the little person you will see in less than nine months! This video looks at pregnancy in the first trimester and discusses your baby’s journey in development. Topics include: • physical symptoms • pregnancy • symptoms • morning sickness • tiredness • breast tenderness • headaches • constipation • weight gain • back pain • emotional symptoms • moodiness • stress • heavy cramping • dehydration • bleeding • diet • caffeine • prenatal vitamins • exercise • sex • smoking • alcohol • fetal development. Closed Captioning English Medically Reviewed May 2024 ©2018

Prenatal Care - 18 min. You’re pregnant, and you have a lot to consider, including car seats, the nursery, baby clothes, and what brand of diapers you want to use. But the most important consideration right now is how you can take the best care of yourself and your developing baby. Your first step is setting up your prenatal care. In this video, we will discuss prenatal care, what you should expect at your prenatal checkups, and why they are so important to keeping you and your baby healthy. Topics include: health conditions • gestational diabetes • blood pressure • OB-GYN • midwife and folic acid. Closed Captioning English Medically Reviewed May 2024 ©2018

Eating for Two - 23 min. When you’re pregnant, both you and your baby need nourishment to thrive. But what does eating for two really mean? Do you get to eat one cookie for yourself and one for the baby, and should you double your portions? In this video, we will look at the diet a pregnant mom should consume and how many extra calories are needed to support a healthy pregnancy. We’ll also talk about what foods are healthy, which ones to avoid, and how to manage those cravings that can drive you crazy! Topics include: weight gain • overeating • nutrition • fruits • vegetables • grains • proteins • dairy • fats • oils • meals • snacks • sugars • caffeine • fish • listeria • unpasteurized dairy • cravings • pica • obesity • underweight. www.truetolifeproductions.com. Closed Captioning English ©2018

Your Ultrasound Appointment - 18 min. Getting to see your unborn baby on an ultrasound is an exciting and special event for any parent. It’s like unwrapping a wonderful gift as the scanner zooms in on your baby moving and bouncing around in your womb. But, as exciting as it is to see the baby, there is more to an obstetric ultrasound than just a thrill for the parents. Medical providers are also able to track the development, growth, due date, and overall health of an unborn baby. This video will discuss what to expect at an ultrasound appointment and give an incredible glimpse of your unborn baby’s world. Topics include: sound waves • transvaginal • transabdominal • 2D • 3D • gestational sac • ectopic • genetic disorder • nuchal translucency  Closed Captioning English Medically reviewed May 2024 ©2017

First Trimester Expectations - 21 min. Pregnancy is a unique nine-month experience. First-Trimester Expectations introduces three couples as they figure out how their unplanned pregnancies fit into their lives. You are invited to journey with Mariah and Tyler, Laila and Joseph, and Mikayla and Kyle as they share their first-trimester experiences in their own words. Topics include: Mariah • Tyler • Laila • Joseph • Mikayla • Kyle • worries • symptoms • medical concerns • moods • worries. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2020

Your Second Trimester - 25 min. Your first trimester is now behind you, and you are likely feeling better. Morning sickness may have eased up, and you may be thinking, I’ve got this! Your baby is growing rapidly, and you might even be starting to sport a cute, little baby bump. The second trimester is often the most comfortable time for a pregnant mom! While you still may not be feeling or seeing much on the outside yet, there is a lot going on in your womb. In this video, we’ll talk about how your body is changing, your baby’s journey in development, and what you can expect in your second trimester. Topics include: • itching • stretch marks • mask of pregnancy • backaches • leg aches • breast changes • linea nigra • vaginal discharge • hemorrhoids • varicose veins • dental changes • emotions • bleeding • swelling • headaches • vomiting • morning sickness • dizziness • exercise • smoking • drugs • alcohol • caffeine • fetal development. Closed Captioning English ©2019

Emotions of Pregnancy - 25 min. Pregnancy can be a confusing time when it comes to your emotions. One minute you’re happy and overjoyed, and the next minute you may feel irritable or sad. And then, before you know it, your mood is swinging back the other way! Before you were pregnant, your emotions were likely more even-keeled. But now, look out! They may, at times, leave you feeling like a boat tossed around in a churning sea. Are you crazy? Is something wrong? No. You are pregnant. This video covers the physiological factors behind pregnancy mood swings and emotions, all the other factors that may affect a woman’s thoughts and feelings while she is pregnant, including depression, and survival tips to get a woman through the rough patches. Topics include: hormones • exercise • fluctuations • hCG • progesterone • dizziness • nausea • stress • negative feelings • temperament • depression • sleep • talk • eating. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2017

What is Safe in Pregnancy - 24 min. There is so much to consider when you are pregnant. Your entire lifestyle changes! You now must carefully consider what products you use when cleaning your home, what foods you eat, and whether you should have that morning cup-o’-joe! You may even have some habits that will have to change or activities you will have to put on hold. In this video, we will discuss what things are safe and what aren’t to help you have a healthy pregnancy. Topics include: diet • processed foods • dieting • wash hands • food care • foods to avoid • unsafe foods • smoked seafood • pate • unpasteurized dairy • fish • mercury • herbs • sprouts • pica • vitamins • unsafe herbs • saw palmetto • golden seal • dong quai • ephedra • yohimbe • pay d’arco • passion flower • black cohosh • blue cohosh • roman chamomile • pennyroyal • water • coffee • alcohol • caffeine • sugar • artificial sweeteners • exercise • hair dye • hot tubs • traveling • driving safety • cleaning products • cat litter • drugs • smoking. Closed Captioning English Medically Reviewed May 2024 ©2018

Bonding with Your Unborn Baby - 19 min. From conception to birth, your baby embarks on an incredible nine-month journey. She is developing and growing from her own genetic blueprints. Even though you haven’t met her yet, you can start bonding with her while she is still growing in your womb. Learn about her incredible journey and how you and she are connected and explore the incredible masterpiece that is your son or daughter. Topics include: • pregnancy • conception • first trimester • fetal development • second trimester • third trimester • connection • bonding • ultrasound • unborn baby. Closed Captioning English Medically Reviewed May 2024 ©2020

Second Trimester Expectations - 22 min. Pregnancy is a unique nine-month experience. Second-Trimester Expectations continues with the stories of Mariah and Tyler, Laila and Joseph, and Mikayla and Kyle as they experience their pregnancies in their own unique life situations. You are invited to be a part of their stories as you journey with them and gain new insight about pregnancy from these real-life perspectives. Topics Include: Mariah • Tyler • Laila • Joseph • Mikayla • Kyle • worries • symptoms • medical concerns • moods • worries. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2020

Your Third Trimester - 26 min. You are moving into your third trimester, and you’re feeling very pregnant. Your baby is getting bigger, and you can feel her moving and kicking. What is going on in there?! While your body is changing to accommodate your growing baby, you are likely feeling more tired, but also strangely energized. You have a baby coming soon! In this video, we’ll talk about your changing body, what you might be feeling, your baby’s journey in development, and what you can expect in your third trimester. Topics include: shortness of breath • heartburn • swelling • hemorrhoids • constipation • leg cramps • stretch marks • tender breasts • belly button • insomnia • baby dropping • Braxton-Hicks • emotions • exercise • fever and chills • bleeding • labor • mucus plug • ruptured amniotic sac • signs of labor • fetal movement. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2019

The Final Stretch - 21 min. On your mark, get set, go! The end of your pregnancy feels like one hundred days packed into one long month that, oddly, doesn’t seem long enough to get everything done before you bring your baby home. There is so much to do and keep track of before birth! In this video, we talk about the things in your pregnancy on which you need to keep a close eye, the things for which you need to prepare, and how to recognize the important signs of labor. Phew! Hang in there! You really are on the final stretch! Topics include: third trimester • monitoring fetal movement • kick count • Braxton-Hicks • birth plan • home help • baby items • crib • bassinette • car seat • travel • diaper bag • mucus plug • effacement • dilation • rupturing membranes • leaking water • bleeding • decreased fetal movement • contractions • early labor • active labor • transition. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2020

Your Unborn Baby's Secret World - 18 mins. As recently as twenty-five years ago, we thought unborn babies were unaware of anything outside the womb. Since then, though, science has gained a better understanding of your unborn baby’s secret world. That secret place inside, where your unborn baby resides, is not a deep, dark cave where they are hidden away awaiting birth. Far from it. Your womb is their classroom, where there begins a lifetime of learning, sampling, accepting, and rejecting—in short, the process of growing that will continue throughout life, from conception on. Topics include : growth in womb, interaction, sensory development, first trimester, second trimester, third trimester, baby’s development, movement, learning in womb, stress, eating healthy, rest, and exercise. Closed Captioning English ©2022

Big Belly Mom Hacks - 28 min. Everyone may seem like an expert when it comes to your pregnancy. Friends, family, and even strangers may offer advice as you experience the changes that come with your pregnancy. Even when this advice comes from well-meaning friends and family, it is important to make sure it is good advice before you follow it. In this video, we will talk about how to overcome some of the more usual challenges and discomforts with some mom-tried-and-approved tips. Topics include: second trimester • third trimester • hacks • clothes • stretchy pants • waistband extenders • DIY elastic waistbands • tops • DIY tunic • belly bands • DIY belly band • bra extender • sports bra • secondhand clothes • nausea hacks • crackers • ginger • lemon • smoothie • DIY ginger syrup • headache hacks • tendon pain hacks • rest • decaf • yoga • meditation • water • massage • varicose vein hacks • weight • propping up feet • swelling feet hacks • skincare hacks • stretch mark hacks • acne hacks • sleep hacks. Closed Captioning English ©2017

Third Trimester Expectations - 23 min. Pregnancy is a unique nine-month experience. Third-Trimester Expectations completes the stories of Mariah and Tyler, Laila and Joseph, and Mikayla and Kyle as they enter their final trimester of pregnancy. You are invited to journey with them to the end as they have their babies! Topics include: third trimester • Mariah • Tyler • Laila • Joseph • Mikayla • Kyle • worries • symptoms • medical concerns • moods • worries. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2020

Labor Expectations - 15 min. They did it! Couples Laila and Joseph, Mikayla and Kyle, and Mariah and Tyler each had their babies! I bet you can’t wait to see how it all turned out in this final video! Join these three couples as their pregnancies come to an end and experience labor and delivery with them as they have their babies. Topics include: • Mariah • Tyler • Laila • Joseph • Mikayla • Kyle • labor • contractions • pushing • epidural • pitocin. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2020

Preparing for a C-Section - 25 min. When you were first pregnant, you might not have thought too much about the birth. After all, it felt like it was a hundred years away. But now, as you near the end, you may have been told that you’re having a C-section, or maybe you’re concerned that your delivery could turn into a C-section in the end. And you may be wondering, What will it be like? In this video, we talk about what you can do to prepare for a C-section that will make healing and caring for your baby easier. We’ll also talk about the procedure to help you understand what will happen on the big day! Topics include: • C-section • labor delivery • breech • surgery • anesthesia • birth plan • meals prepared ahead. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2020

Getting Ready: Nesting - 20 min. It’s a mystery. Birds do it, hamsters do it, and other animals do it, too—including humans. Nesting: Is it an animalistic, science-proven instinct, or just a big belly–felt eureka moment? Women in their last month or few weeks of pregnancy are often spurred on by bursts of energy, working sometimes at a frenzied pace, to get ready for a new baby. In this video, we will look at what nesting is and why it happens. Does it lead to labor, or is it just an old wives’ tale? Before you get out your broom and mop, let’s examine some safe ways to get your nesting mojo on—and when that mojo goes too far. Topics include: third trimester • nesting • energy levels • cleaning • organizing • cautions • baby’s room • baby equipment • making meals ahead • contact list • packing a hospital bag • overnight bag • longer-term bag • car seat. Closed Captioning English ©2018

Labor and Delivery: Getting Ready - 23 min. Giving birth is tough, but having a baby is amazing! You might be wondering what to expect from labor and delivery. In this video, we’ll talk about three important things you need to know as you approach your baby’s birth: 1. How childbirth works, including why you have pain in labor; 2. The five clues that tell you labor is here; 3. The four stages of labor and what to expect in each. You can do this, and we’re going to help you! And when it’s all over, you’ll be so proud of what you’ve accomplished in giving birth. Topics include: • pain • childbirth • signs of labor • lightening • lose mucus plug • water breaking • lower back and belly pain • labor contractions • timing contractions • preterm labor • stages of labor • early or latent phase • crowning • active phase • transition phase • pushing and delivery • expelling the placenta • postpartum period • Braxton-Hicks. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2021

Labor and Delivery: Natural Comfort Measures - 23 min. Pain in childbirth can feel pretty scary. You might wonder, Can I handle it?! What if I can’t? In this video, we talk all about managing pain the natural way. That’s right—without any pain medication. You can do this! You’ll learn about the three Rs to help you manage pain: relaxation, ritual, and rhythm. Then we discuss various natural comfort techniques to help you lessen the sensation of pain. We also discuss the benefits to a more natural birth, and why learning them is helpful, even if you’re planning on having the epidural. Topics include: • natural birth • natural comfort measures • birth experience • pain • relaxation • rituals • rhythm • massage • counterpressure • positions • hydrotherapy • room environment • support person. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2021

Labor and Delivery: Medical Pain Relief, Interventions, and Procedures - 21 min. Having a baby is hard work, and choosing how you manage your pain is important. You get to choose! Do you want to take away some or most of the pain? You should know that choosing a medicated option will lead to certain other interventions and procedures. In this video, we discuss your medical pain-relief options, the interventions to which they lead, and some of the medical procedures you might face in childbirth. We’ll show you how to make great decisions in the moment using the B.R.A.I.N. method so you have the best birth experience possible. Topics include: • B.R.A.I.N. • benefits • risks • alternatives • no • not now • medical pain relief • narcotics • epidural • spinal block • nitrous oxide • sterile water injections • medical procedures • interventions • induction • stripping membranes • pitocin • fetal monitoring • breaking bag of water • episiotomy • forceps • vacuum. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2021

Labor and Delivery: Training Your Birth Coach - 21 min. Having a baby is huge . . . and likely not something you want to do alone. Research has shown that when you have one or two support people by your side, you are more likely to stick to your birth plan and have fewer interventions. And it’s just nice having someone there to help. In this video, we’ll talk about what a birth coach does, whom to choose, and how to train them so you have the best birth experience possible. Topics include: • birth coach • delivery • labor • support • birth plan • support person • emotional support • communicator • your partner • doula • friends • family • flexible • patient • encourager • childbirth classes. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2021

Eye Contact Means Love - 18 min. Eye contact is considerably more important to us throughout our lives than we may imagine. Even as infants, it is key to the process of establishing emotional bonds with family. This video explores the development that is supported and the bonding that is encouraged through the intentional use of up-close eye contact. Topics include: • eye contact • communication • emotional needs • love • disapproval • failure-to-thrive syndrome • learning • newborn • visual development • brain coupling • developmental disability • social skills • bonding • connection. ©2021

Infant Temperament - 21 min. The basic needs of most babies are the same, but each baby has a unique temperament. This video looks at the different types of temperament and helps you understand the natural differences that can be cherished in each child. Topics include: • temperament • home environment • emotions • reading baby signals • colic • brain development. Closed Captioning English ©2022

The Importance of Bonding - 21 min. The love bond between child and parent is the foundation upon which all discipline, relationships, and self-esteem is based. This video instructs on the importance of both bonding and good practices to promote bonding between infants and parents. Topics include: • bonding • nurturing • comforting • emotional development • mental development • communication • brain development • mother’s voice • five senses. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2022

Infant Expectations - 20 min. The first hours, days, and weeks with your newborn baby can be overwhelming. There is so much to learn and know! What will my baby look like? What is normal? What kind of behaviors can I expect? Should my baby really sleep so much? Why does my baby cry so much? Is it colic? What if there are complications? What is the right treatment? This video will help new mothers know what to expect from their newborn child and equip them to make the transition from pregnancy to parenting a newborn. Topics include: newborn • appearance • vernix • skin-to-skin • lanugo • rashes • blotches • white spots • umbilical cord • weak neck • holding baby • first day • awake • alert • vision • sleep • eat • latching • coming home • car seat • normal behaviors • sleeping • feeding • breathing • crying • colic • reflexes • sucking reflex • grasp reflex • first bowel movement • stool • jaundice • bilirubin • phototherapy • weight loss • dehydration • infection. Closed Captioning English Medically Reviewed July 2024 ©2016

Infant Hygiene - 22 min. Caring for an infant does not require vast amounts of training or an advanced degree. Caring for an infant simply requires a dedicated parent willing to respond to a child’s needs in appropriate ways. This video provides standard techniques of care that will help parents provide for their infant’s day-to-day hygiene needs. Topics include: newborn • diapering • cloth diapers • disposable diapers • diaper rash • umbilical stump and diapering • bath basics • water temp • bath frequency • bath safety • clipping fingernails • clipping toenails • skincare • newborn skin • sunscreen • baby hair • cradle cap • umbilical care • umbilical stump • infection • circumcision care • non-circumcision care • penis care. Closed Captioning English Medically Reviewed July 2024 ©2016

Simple Infant Care - 19 min. Many less-common but important topics of infant care are often not discussed, particularly from a researched and documented position. This video will provide mothers with information on a variety of less-common subjects that are important to the well-being of their children. Some of these include how to hold a newborn, techniques for soothing a crying baby, bed sharing, burping, infant walkers, pacifiers, and more. Each section is based on research and professional recommendations by leading medical organizations. After watching this video, new parents will be able to make informed and study-based choices in each subject for the care of their newborns. Topics include: newborn • bed-sharing • co-sleeping • SIDS • sudden infant death syndrome • room-sharing • crying • crying checklist • crying spells • soothing • swaddling • skin-to-skin • pacifier • burping • spit up • vomiting • holding • supporting neck • infant carriers • check carrier • back carrier • car seat carriers • infant walkers • dressing infant. Closed Captioning English ©2016

Taking Care of Yourself after Childbirth - 40 min. Women are often taught to consider the needs of others before their own. After giving birth, it is critical for a woman to take good care of herself so that she is better equipped to care for her newborn. Things like postpartum healing, rest, nutrition, exercise, and knowing how to handle the baby blues help her settle into her new role as a mom. This video will share tips on what to expect after giving birth and how a postpartum woman can take great care of herself. Topics include: postpartum healing • vaginal discharge • postpartum contractions • sore muscles • hemorrhoids • breast leaking • breast engorgement • vaginal recovery • c-section recovery • caesarean recovery • rest • sleep • nutrition • constipation • postpartum exercise • Kegel exercises • emotions • PPD • postpartum depression • baby blues • returning to work. Closed Captioning English Medically reviewed May 2024 ©2016

Postpartum Depression - 28 min. Pregnancy and birth are supposed to be a joyful time, with the excitement of parenthood and a new baby, dreams of your sweet family, and those wonderful bonding moments. But all this may lose some of its joy because of maternal depression and anxiety. This depression or anxiety can begin during pregnancy and worsen after birth. It can be as mild as the “baby blues” or as disabling as postpartum depression or anxiety. This video looks at the “baby blues,” postpartum depression, and the difference between them. We’ll also talk about what to do if you have postpartum depression and some helpful tips on how to function at home and improve your mood. Topics include: third trimester • after birth • blues • sadness • weepiness • sleeping problems • PPD • postpartum depression • postpartum anxiety • PPD causes • PPD symptoms • PPD treatment • PPD psychosis • paranoia • hallucinations • harming the baby. Closed Captioning English Medically Reviewed May 2024 ©2018

Going It Alone - 19 min. This course will equip you with the tools to navigate single parenting options, with a fulfilling and supportive environment for both you and your child. The course is designed for single parents facing the unique challenges of parenting solo. From practical necessities like housing and nutrition to fulfilling relational needs, discover valuable insights and actionable steps. Also, explore the option of adoption with a modern perspective, providing flexibility and empowerment. Topics Include: • single parenting • practical needs • relational needs • housing • food • transportation • material needs • breastfeeding • attention • boundaries • care • job • education • parenting skills • adoption ©2024

At Risk Pregnancy - 24 min. There is risk in everything we do in life, including starting a family. Most pregnancies progress just fine, but sometimes along the way, complications can arise. It’s scary when this happens. In this video, we will look at the different medical conditions that can affect your pregnancy or your health, what to do if you experience concerning symptoms, what symptoms you should always see your medical provider about, and how to get through any complications. In the end, all we want is a healthy baby and a healthy you. Topics include: second trimester • third trimester • scary pregnancy news • asthma • diabetes • high blood pressure • STDs • depression • thyroid disease • gestational diabetes • placenta previa • preeclampsia. Closed Captioning English Medically Reviewed May 2024 ©2018

Shaken Baby Syndrome - 17 min. You’ve seen the stories in the news of babies who’ve been violently shaken and then died from their injuries. Most of us think, Not me! I would never do that! There are very few people who set out to hurt a baby. But when you are at your wits’ end, your actions can become chaotic and extreme, and sadly, sometimes it ends with a baby being shaken violently. Learn the three things you need to do to protect your baby and yourself, and what to do if things go too far. Topics include: third trimester • after birth • abusive head trauma • AHT • shaking a baby • crying • inconsolable crying • violent shake • soothing • caregivers • risks • death • disabilities. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2019

Expecting Twins & More - 24 min. Do you remember the moment? The one when you discovered you were having twins . . . or more? You might have been joyful, shocked, and then a little scared. There is a lot of work involved in bringing one baby home for the first time, but what if you’re bringing home two . . . or three? Are there things you need to do in your pregnancy with twins that you don’t do when you’re having just one baby, and how do you prepare for bringing home more than one newborn? We’ll talk about all this and more in Preparing for Twins or More! Twins are one thing, but what if you have more?! Handling that many newborn babies at one time can be tough and scary, but here are some ways you can prepare yourself during and after pregnancy to make bringing home your little ones that much easier! Topics include: • twins • multiples • ultrasound • diet and exercise • labor and delivery • enlist helpers • preterm labor • preeclampsia • gestational diabetes • morning sickness • pregnancy hormones • pregnancy-induced hypertension. Closed Captioning English/Spanish ©2020

Feeding Your Baby: The Bottle - 21 min. How you will feed your baby is an important decision to make. Babies spend three to four hours a day feeding in the earliest days of their lives. Feeding is a special time to bond with your baby. This lesson discusses the cleaning and sanitizing of baby bottles and the preparation of formula based on the packaging instructions. Topics include: • feeding • bottles • nipples • formula • cow’s milk • iron • sanitizing bottles • formula preparation • bottle heating • bottle temperature • feeding schedule • signs of hunger • burping • spit up • rooting reflex • bonding • tooth decay. Closed Captioning English ©2022

Feeding Your Baby: Breastfeeding - Getting Started - 20 min. Lesson one of our breastfeeding series provides the important information needed to prepare yourself for the wonderful world of breastfeeding. You'll hear from medical experts and experienced moms on what to expect and why breastfeeding is a great choice for both mom and baby. The great news is that your body and your baby already know what to do! We will simply help you to understand how to get started and provides some great tips on the breastfeeding experience. Topics include: breastfeeding, mother's milk, natural, biological, supplementing, nursing, immune system, probiotics, bonding, nutrition English/Spanish ©2022

Feeding Your Baby: Breastfeeding - Successful Breastfeeding - 22 min. Breastfeeding is a natural process but there are ways to enhance your experience for the benefit of both you and your baby. This lesson offers expert medical advice, practical methods, details on techniques of breastfeeding, and valuable real-life interviews from moms just like you! New mom’s often worry if they are doing things correctly and want as much information as possible to feel confident in their breastfeeding role. Don’t worry, you got this! And, this lesson will help you understand ways to promote successful breastfeeding. Topics include: breastfeeding, nursing, time, skin-to-skin contact, latch, position, rooting, smacking, sucking, liquid gold, nutrients, antibodies, foremilk, appetite, cradle hold, cross-cradle hold, football hold, reclining position, laying down position, breasts, feeding cues, rest, cluster feedings, growth spurts English/Spanish ©2022

Feeding Your Baby: Breastfeeding - Problems and Solutions - 18 min. Lesson three of our series is great when things don’t go as smoothly as planned. Breastfeeding can have its’ ups and downs like most things in life, but there are usually ways to overcome any issues that may arise. We will examine common problems and the solutions that most often work the best to get great breastfeeding back on track. The temporary challenges that sometimes arise with providing your baby natural breast-milk from your body are well worth the rewards that can last a lifetime. Topics include: breastfeeding, nursing, warning signs, skips feeding, breastfeeding problems, engorgement, mastitis, blocked milk duct, thrush, tongue tie, sore nipples, oversupply, undersupply, returning to work English/Spanish ©2022

Feeding Your Baby: Breastfeeding - Weaning - 17 min. In nature, healthy things tend to grow. And, while breastfeeding is an amazing season of life, the time comes for your child to take the next step in their development. Weaning is the process of transitioning your child from breast milk to solid foods. We will examine the two main methods of weaning: spoon-led and baby-led. You’ll learn the benefits and challenges of both perspectives, along with helpful expert advice on nutrition and real-life experiences from moms. Topics include: weaning, baby-led, spoon-led, solid foods, breast milk, nutrition, food sensitivities, food allergies, baby's stools, gagging, choking, and iron English/Spanish ©2022

Do You See Her? I Could Never Do That - 15 min. “I could never do that” is usually the first instinct and response that expectant moms feel and share. Leah, a birth mom of 18 years, shares how she felt the same way until she learned more about open adoption and took time to educate herself about her options. Together Carrie and Leah discuss common adoption myths and fears and what is actually the truth about modern adoption. Topics include: •adoption myths•adoption fears•modern adoption•birth mom•open adoption

Do You See Her? What is Open Adoption - 4 min. Adoptions used to be closed and filled with secrets. Now, open adoption has revolutionized the modern adoption experience, and is statistically proven to benefit everyone involved when done well. Discover with Leah, a birth mom of 18 years, and Carrie what common open adoption practices are today, so that you can better educate the moms you care for. Topics Include: •open adoption•birth mom•modern adoption•adoption•adoption practices

Do You See Her? A Birth Mother's Bill of Rights - 10 min. When choosing adoption, YOU are in the driver’s seat. You have rights! In this video, we discuss what you need to know as you consider adoption and what you can ask for. Don’t settle for anything less than good care for yourself through this difficult time. You matter. Topics Include: •birth mother rights•bill of rights•legal rights•adoption

Do You See Her? How do I Live With This Decision - 13 min. Perhaps adoption sounds like an option you want to explore, but you still wonder about the heartache that may follow? That is a very valid concern, and one that Leah struggled with as well. In this video, Leah and Carrie discuss the grief that birth mothers feel as they make this life changing decision as well as tips on how to cope in healthy ways. Topics Include: •grief•adoption•decision making•coping•life changes•heartache

Do You See Her? Advice from Birth Moms - 10 min. It can be very helpful to hear from other birth moms who have walked this path. Listen to the advice from others who have been in your shoes, who have weighed their options and have lived out adoption for many years. In this video, they share encouragement and empowerment in where you are right now and what may help you to take your next steps. Topics Include: •adoption advice•adoption choices •encouragement•empowerment

Do You See Her? Courtney's Story - 15 min. Courtney has been a birth mom for 20+ years in a semi-open adoption. She placed her son before heading off to college. In this video, she shares why she chose adoption, her struggles with self-worth and family relationships, and the path to healing.

Do You See Her? Hillary's Story - 16 min. Hillary was parenting when she chose open adoption for her youngest son. She shares her struggles with her decision, and how she has found peace and comfort within their open adoption.

Do You See Her? Morgan's Story - 12 min. Morgan was in her twenties during her unplanned pregnancies and has experienced both abortion and adoption. She shares why she felt adoption was the best option during her second pregnancy, along with her path to healing after abortion and adoption.

Do You See Her? Leah's Story - 14 min. Leah was 16 and a junior in high school when she found out she was pregnant. Leah shares how she wrestled with her decision for months and what finally lead her to choose open adoption. With a fully open adoption for now 18 years, she shares what the relationship is like now with her daughter and the adoptive family she chose.

Smoking and Alcohol Use During Pregnancy - 20 min. From the time you find out you’re pregnant, you want to give your baby the best start in life. However, unhealthy lifestyle choices and addictions can have a serious impact on the growth and development of your unborn baby. This impact can sometimes happen before you even know you’re pregnant. It’s hard to imagine how everything you put in your body—whether it’s inhaled or swallowed—can affect her! Changing lifestyle habits and overcoming addictions is tough, and it takes strength, perseverance, and often outside help. This video will cover the effects of smoking and drinking alcohol during pregnancy. It will cover how these activities affect your developing baby, your pregnancy, and you. It will also cover some of the long-term, developmental issues your child may face after exposure to these harmful chemicals. This video will offer tips on how to successfully quit smoking and drinking. Topics Included: first trimester • second trimester • third trimester • smoking • alcohol use • drugs • addiction • risk to baby • SIDS • stillborn • premature birth • birth defects • lung damage • e-cigarettes • secondhand smoke • third-hand smoke • quitting • fetal alcohol spectrum disorder • fetal alcohol syndrome • Closed Captioning English ©2023

Drug Use During Pregnancy - 16 min. During pregnancy, knowing how drugs affect you is vital. Beware of unreliable online info. Safely manage OTC meds and caffeine. Be cautious with prescriptions, avoid abuse, and steer clear of illicit drugs. NAS risks exist. State laws protect moms and babies. Trust your healthcare provider, as you're "treating for two. Topics include: • drugs • addiction • risk to baby OTC drugs • caffeine • illicit drugs • marijuana • cocaine • methamphetamine • meth • heroin • Neonatal abstinence syndrome (NAS)