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Life Skills Pack

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Life can be harder - and we make choices that can make it harder (or easier!). The life skill pack covers financial challenges, buying a car, moving, and much more - with practical advice that makes a difference.

Taking Care of Your Hygiene - 22 min. Showering, washing your hair, brushing your teeth, and more. It all seems so simple, doesn’t it? But there are a lot of reasons why a person doesn’t always do these basic things. However, there are even more great reasons why you should, including your good health. In this video we talk about why good hygiene is important, how to do it, and what to do if you struggle with circumstances in life that make it hard for you. Topics include: •Hygiene•Showering•Washing Hair•Brushing Teeth •Hand Washing•Cleaning Clothes•Good Health•Good Habits to Teach Kids ©2019

Screen Time and You - 21 min. Phones, tablets, and gaming consoles. Social media, chats, texts, and apps for EVERYTHING! Life has never been more efficient, fun…and distracting. Is technology improving our lives or is it taking us down a slippery path? In this video we talk about what the REAL problem is and how to enjoy your screen time while taking care of the most important things in life. It doesn’t have to be ‘game over’, man! Topics include: •Screen Time•Balancing Technology Time•Good Technology Habits•Technology Goals & Boundaries•Time Management •Technology Dangers•Valuing Relationships over Technology ©2019

Depression and Suicide - 25 min. Depression is more than just feeling down occasionally. It’s more intense, and lasts longer. Nearly one in 12 American’s over the age of 20 suffers from it, and women are twice as likely as men to become depressed. Left untreated, depression can lead to suicide. In this video we talk about what depression is, how to know if you’re experiencing it, the warning signs of suicide, and how to get help and manage your depression. Topics include: •Depression•Suicide•Feelings•Emotions•Depression Screening•Mood Disorder•Re-engage with Life•Reconnect with Others •Consider your Diet•Self-Care•Keep a Schedule•Keep a Journal •Suicide Prevention ©2019

Home Health - 18 min. Who loves to clean and manage a home? NOT ME! And likely not you either. But it’s important. Keeping your home clean and organized doesn’t have to be a monumental task, unless you make it one. In this video we’ll give several habit-forming housekeeping tips so that you can easily maintain your home and have lots of time left over for the other more fun things in your life. Don’t be buried under your mountain of mess. Plant a flag in it and call it conquered! Topics include: •Home Health•Housekeeping Tips•Maintaining Home •Good Habits•Simple Goals•Make A Housekeeping Plan•Schedule Cleaning Time•Break Goals into Small Tasks•Use Music or Audio Book to Motivate ©2019

Anger Management - 24 min. Everyone gets angry once in a while. It’s a normal emotion for when we feel attacked, threatened, or shamed. Anger causes us to fight or run. When it gets out of control, it can hurt others and damage relationships. But, we have the ability to manage and control this intense emotion. In this video, we talk about understanding the triggers to your anger and how to handle them in a positive way. Topics include: •Anger Management•Get Behind Your Anger•Define Underlying Emotions•Anger Management Strategies•Breathe•Lean into Truth•Walk Away•Act Calmly•Communication•Learn Your Triggers •Keep an Anger Journal•Stop Yourself from Venting•Be the Example ©2019

Fighting The Impulse to Spend - 18 min. Ever feel like you just can’t let another day go by without buying those sparkly Jimmy Choo’s to adorn your feet? Or maybe you can’t get through the checkout line without grabbing the snacks placed right at your eye level. Or when you feel like life is dealing you nines and tens in a hand of Show Low, does a little retail therapy call your name? Well sister, you’ve been played by the sneakiest of sneaksters! This video looks at how marketers keep us buying more stuff and spending all of our hard-earned cash before it even hits our bank account. You will learn tips to keep from being manipulated at the checkout line and how not to become a victim in retail marketing wars. Yes, you CAN fight the impulse to spend! This DVD coincides with Life Skills Module L2. It covers the basics of money management when a client is working on becoming an independent individual. Topics include: •Impulse Spending•The Truth about Marketing•Real Costs •Wait on Purchases•Using Cash•Avoid Temptation•Don’t Shop Hungry •Don’t Shop While Emotional•Money Management•Define Needs & Wants •Make a Shopping List•Saving Your Money ©2018

The Monster of Debt - 18 min. Have you ever found yourself with too little cash and too many bills? The stress, worry, and restrictions of being unable to pay our bills brings can be simply overwhelming. Do you know this feeling? Debt is like being locked up in chains that are stronger than you and keep you tied up. You no longer have the freedom to do the things you want because you are chained to your debt. Have you become a prisoner to all the money you owe? Are you ready to do what it takes to be financially free? This video shows you how YOU can slay the monster of debt. Topics include: •Monster of Debt•Debt Collections•Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have•Make More Money•Pay Off Your Debt•Change Your Spending Habits ©2018

Credit Cards, Friend or Foe? - 18 min. Are credit cards your best friend or your worse enemy? Can they make you or break you? Do they love you or hate you? Are they the bane of our existence or the salvation to our money woes? Is it possible that they can be both? This video puts credit cards in their proper perspective. And it talks about how if you are in debt or tempted to overspend because of them, then credit cards are just another tool being used to separate you from your hard-earned cash and financial goals! Topics include: •Credit Cards•Savings Versus Credit•Paying Off Credit Card•Credit Scores•Financial Troubles•Financial Choices ©2018

Financial Emergencies - 16 min. Just when everything is going well, and you have your finances in order ¬– BAM! Disaster hits! It may rain inside your house instead of outside. A pipe may burst, giving you the indoor pool you’ve never wanted. Your fine ride loses its glide. In the financial biz, we call this Murphy’s Law. “Anything that CAN go wrong, WILL go wrong, at the WORST possible time!” But did you know that you can Murphy-proof your life against financial emergencies? This video looks at how to plan for financial emergencies and what a financial emergency really is. For example, are bald tires REALLY an emergency or just poor planning? Topics include: •Financial Emergencies•How to Save Money•Open a Savings Account•Keep an Emergency Fund Account•Cut Extra Spending ©2018

Budgeting 101 - 14 min. Stay out of debt. Save for the future. Plan your big purchases. Live within your means. All great ideas, but how do you do it in reality? After all, you have monthly expenses, semi and annual expenses, and unforeseen expenses along the way. How do you plan all of this within a fixed monthly income? The answer is the budget. In this video we will look at how to make and maintain a simple budget and plan for most of your expenses so that you can avoid those unpleasant financial surprises at the end of the month. Topics include: • Budgeting 101•Budget Control•Fear of Budgeting •Procrastination•Brighter Future•What is a Budget•Making a Budget •What is an Emergency Fund•Why Do We Avoid Budgeting •Why Should You Budget•Budget Apps ©2018

Credit Scores, the Good, the Bad, the Ugly - 14 min. What exactly is a credit score anyway? What’s it for and why do I have to worry about it? Is it even important if I don’t plan on buying a house? This video explains what a credit score is, how to maintain a good credit score, and why it might be important, even if you can’t buy a house yet. Topics include: •Credit Scores•What is a Credit Score•How Your Credit Score is Calculated•Buying Wants•Credit Score Versus Credit Report•Paying off Loans ©2017

Buying a Car - 19 min. There are two ways to buy a car, the smart way and the not-so-smart way. The smart way can net you a car that meets your needs. The not-so-smart way can drive you to a load of debt and expenses you may not be able to afford. In this video, we will look at how to buy a car, pick through needs vs. wants, and how to avoid being taken for a ride. Topics include: •Buying a Car•What Can I Afford•Car Value•Kbb.com •Car History•Insurance and Registration•Repair Expenses•How to Pay for a Car•What is the Best Car for Me•Car Needs Versus Wants•Buying Used Versus New•Certified PreOwned Cars•Do Your Car Buying Homework ©2018

Career or Job? Planning for More - 16 min. When you close your eyes and dream, what do you see yourself doing to provide for your family? The first step to achieving your career goal is looking forward to where you want to be. The next, listing the steps it takes to get there. In this video, we will unpack what it takes to get the future you want, how to divide up the steps to get there, and how to start. Topics include: •Careers•Jobs•Jobs Versus Careers•Where Are You Going at Work•Trajectory•Getting Started in a Career•Career Goals ©2018

Staying out of Debt - 15 min. You’ve worked hard to get there, and now you’re finally out of debt. Does life now just go on as usual? Or do you need a plan to stay out of debt? In this video we’ll look at the behaviors and habits it takes to stay out of debt and spend purposefully. Topics include: •Staying Out of Debt•Bad Spending Habits•Free of Debt •No Spending Goals•Healthy Financial Habits•Overspending•Impulse Buying•Credit Cards•Paying with Cash•Making a Budget•Living Within Your Budget•Savings ©2018

Your Financial Future - 14 min. You’ve gotten out of debt, managed your budget, put away the credit cards, and gotten control of your desire to spend. What’s next, you may ask? Is there something more to your financial future? In this video, we will simplify how to build a healthy financial future, take the confusion out of 401Ks, IRAs, and provide other tips on planning for financial stability. Topics include: •Your Financial Future•Impulse Spending•Budget•Debt •Credit Scores•Credit Cards•Buying a Car•Financial Emergencies •Stay Out of Debt•Career•Financial Peace•Financial Chaos•Financial Freedom ©2018

Helping Children Process Change - 18 min. Change is difficult for children. They may not show it immediately, but inside they are trying to protect themselves from the hurt that so much change brings. This video will help you talk through these hard issues with your children. Helping them sort through and understand their confusing feelings goes a long way. In this video, you can learn to go further as you help them to process their emotions and to make healthy choices on how they express them. Give your child the tools they need to understand what they are feeling and to work through them to acceptance. Topics include: •Helping Children Process Change•Moving•New Baby •New Marriage•New Relationships•New Schools•Divorce•Military Deployment•Anger•Regression•Prepare Children in Advance of Change •Talk & Listen•Support Your Childs Feelings•Involve Your Child in Decisions•Stay Connected•Check Out the New Town•Teach Children to Use Words ©2018

Family Stability Inside Change - 21 min. It has been said that you should only undertake a single major event in any given year. Whoever said that was a bit out of touch with daily reality. Major events come and go; changing jobs, moving homes, adding to your family, getting married or breaking up. These are major events, and there needs to be a sense of who your family is and how you can keep them stable through these tumultuous times. This video can guide you and help you understand that change is what it is - but your family can weather it together! Topics include: •Family Stability Inside Change•Change •Family•New child•Job Loss•Moving•Broken Relationships•Death in Family •Focus on Positives•Identify Fears•Set Good Boundaries•Self-Care •Routines•Emotions•Reactions•Spiritual Values•Gratitude ©2018

Getting Established In a New Area - 21 min. It’s time to move, again, and that means getting established in a new area. How do you help your children adapt to a new school and make new friends while still encouraging them to maintain current relationships? How do you get them excited for a new area? You may even find yourself feeling anxious with the idea of establishing your family yet again. This video will help parents support, listen and encourage their children through a difficult transition. It will also prepare parents with a plan of action for getting involved, connected and thriving in a new area. Topics include: •Getting Established•Moving•New Friends•New School •Preparing Hearts•Preparing Minds•Create Moving Checklist•Make Move Calendar•Create a Binder•Stay Flexible•Research New Area•Visit New Town•Involve Kids in Decisions•Connect with Organizations ©2018

What Is a Family - 18 min. A family is who we do life with. Most of the time they have our backs. They are there in the good times and the bad, and they are there in the times of our deepest pain or greatest joy. But a family represents more than just parents and children. For your children, it represents a lifelong relationship, a shared history, and a place to go back to. Topics include: •Family•Lies about Family•First Classroom•Security•Faith •Empathy•Compassion•Sense of Belonging•Connection•Purpose•Family Traditions•Toxic Family Members•Unconditional Love•Create Togetherness •Compassionate Listening•Working Together•Celebrate Accomplishments ©2018

Successful Family Living - 22 min. Family is our most precious gift. They are not perfect. They are made up people who struggle, come from imperfect backgrounds, and often are figuring life out as they go. But successful families share one thing in common, they are committed to each other and purposeful in living life together. In this video we talk about what it takes to create a successful family-life for your children, how you can build rich experiences that shape their character, and the most important things a child needs to build good life skills. Topics include: •Family•Family Living•Love•Constant Love•Consistent Love •Listening•Communication•Routines•Security•Eating Together•Family Fun Time•Setting Limits•Shared Workloads•Chores•Social Connections •Serving Together•Spiritual Connections•Game Nights ©2018

Preparing for a Job - The Hard Truth - 19 min. We all want that perfect job that pays the bills and provides for our families. And one that we can love going to every day. But how do you find it? The answer might surprise you, but the place to start first is with you. In this video, we help you take a closer look at yourself—the type of person you are, your habits, your personality, and your motivation—to help you determine the kind of employee you’ll be; the type of job you’ll do well in; and the “why” that will get you up and off to work day after day. Our everyday habits, likes, dislikes, and personality all factor into the type of job that’s best for you. Here’s how you can find out more about yourself and narrow down the opportunities you search for to best support yourself and your family. Topics include:•Preparing for a Job•Jobs•Responsibility•Honesty •Dependability•Good Habits•Good Personal Hygiene•Timeliness •Stop Gossiping•Get Better Sleep•Decision Making•Power of Positive Thinking•Consider Personality•What Drives You ©2020

Finding a Job - 18 min. Ugh! Finding a job is SOOOO HARD!! It’s one of those things we don’t love but have to do. So, where do you start? How do you find good jobs out there, let alone great ones? In this video, we will talk about what to look for, where to search, and how to apply for great jobs. We’ll even talk about the things you can do first to make yourself more successful. And then what you can do to better your chances of getting hired. Searching for a job can become very discouraging, very fast. Finding the right fit and becoming successful; it's something everyone wants! But how do you do it? Here's how you can learn to better your chances of being hired and land that job you've been after for so long! Topics include: •Finding a Job•Getting Ready•Cleaning Up Social Media •Important Documents•Reliable Childcare•Previous Employment Information•Where to Search•Applying for a Job•Writing a Cover Letter •Follow Up ©2020

Preparing for the Interview - 16 min. You did it! You’ve applied for some jobs! And now you’re waiting to hear back for an interview. But what IS the interview? Is it just a formality? What kinds of questions will you be asked? And are you allowed to ask questions too? It’s a lot to think about. In this video we will talk about what you can do to prepare well for your interview, including some things you can take care of beforehand, so that you have the best chance at bagging that job! Before you go in for an interview, there are many different things you need to be ready for! Here's how you can prepare yourself for almost any question or situation in your interview and land the job you have been hoping for! Topics include: •Preparing for an Interview•The Interview •Interview Questions•Appearance•Healthy Habits•Online Appearance •Research the Company•Practice Interviewing•Strengths•Weaknesses •Employment gaps•Overtime•Start Date•Your Questions ©2020

At the Interview - 17 min. You’ve done your homework, practiced, and you have the perfect interview outfit on. You are ready to head out to your interview. But all the preparation in the world won’t help you sell yourself if you don’t follow a few easy guidelines when at the interview. In this video, we talk about when to arrive and what to do when you do arrive, what manners and etiquette you should use, what is and isn’t appropriate, and some tips on answering questions. We also talk about why it’s important for you to ask questions, and what you should do after the interview. Do these things, and you will be more relaxed at the interview and stand out as a strong candidate to your future employer. It's time for your interview! After all your preparation and hard work, now is your chance to prove you have what it takes to your potential employer! Even still, here are a few tips on etiquette, how to answer questions, how to dress, and more helpful advice to help you make a good impression! Topics include: •At the Interview•Be on Time•Be Prepared•Be Courteous •Be Professional•Be Confident•Be Alert•Manners•Eye Contact•Take Notes •Ask Questions•Send Thank You Note•Follow Up ©2020

Success at Work - 16 min. You’ve done the hard work of finding a good job! Congratulations! That means you stood out as an applicant. But getting the job is just half the battle. Now you not only need to keep it, but you also need to be a great employee too. What does this mean? In this video we talk about what goes into being a good employee and how you can go a step further to be the great employee your boss saw in you so that you can succeed at work! Congratulations on landing that job you were after! Now, it is important that you continuously work on being a great employee! What does this mean? Watch this video and find some helpful tips to boost your success at work and maintain the values your boss saw in you at the beginning! Topics include: •Success at Work•Be on Time•Be Friendly•Be Polite •Do Not Gossip•Positive Attitude•Emotional Maturity•Opportunities to Grow •Be Teachable•Be Approachable•Be Trainable•Work Ethic•Stealing •People Conflicts ©2020