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Being a Father Pack (Prev. Practical Father)

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What are the tasks that will help make you a great father? These are simple, easy to follow, yet very important lessons for every father to follow.

Being a Father: Real Time - 25 min. President Barack Obama said in his Father’s Day speech in 2008, “What makes you a man is not the ability to have a child—it’s the courage to raise one.” You may have heard that being a good father means spending time with your children. But what does that mean? Is it just enough to be present in the home? Or what if you don’t live with your children? In this video we talk about how to spend REAL time with your kids—time that is Relevant, Expected, Attentive, and Loving so that you can give them the best chance at life. Topics include: •Fatherhood•Real Time•Responsiveness•Demandingness •Children’s Success•Relevant Time•Expected Time•Attentive Time •Loving Time•Simple Routines•Remove Distractions•Involvement ©2020

Being a Father: The Two Questions - 24 min. We all have a father experience, even if that experience was his absence. And that experience impacts how you father your children. Ask yourself these two questions: What kind of father are you now? And what kind of father do you want to be? In this video, we talk about the things you can do to become a loving father who provides guidance and support—the kind of father your kids need. Learn about the parenting style that will make your children more successful and happier in life, and the things you can do to adopt that style into how you father. Topics include: •Fatherhood•Two Questions•Change•Tools •Responsiveness•Demandingness•Parenting Styles•Authoritative Parenting•Authoritarian Parenting•Permissive Parenting•Disengaged Parenting•Leadership•Parenting Test ©2020

Being a Father: Being a Role Model - 22 min. Once you’re a father, you’re an instant role model—good or bad. Your kids learn everything from you: how to treat their mother, how they should be treated, how to act, how to parent, and what is important in life. The question is what kind of role model are you? This video talks about the parenting style that will yield the best results in your kids and the things you can do to respond better and expect more of your children. And then how to put it all into practice so that you can be best role model for your kids. Topics include: •Fatherhood•Role Models•Starting Points •Authoritarian Parent•Permissive Parent•Disengaged Parent•Change •Priorities•Family•Career•Church•Learning•Time ©2020

Being a Father: Being a Leader - 23 min. To lead or not to lead, that is the question. Well, once you’re a father, you’re a leader, like it or not. And your children naturally turn to you for guidance and direction. They also look to you to keep them safe. The question then becomes how you will lead. But even if being a good leader doesn’t come naturally, you can learn to do it well. In this video we will talk about what it takes to be a good leader, and how you can lead in expectations, challenges, boundaries, listening, and by responding to your children. Topics include: •Fatherhood•Leader•Listening•Expectations •Challenges•Boundaries•Seeking•Responding•Being Proactive•Safety •Security•Loved•Foundation•Challenges ©2020

Being a Father: Being Consistent - 18 min. Your children need you to be their dad through thick and thin. They need you in good times and hard times. And they need you to be consistent in your actions, love, and teaching. They need you there in real life. This is the challenge all fathers face! In this video, we talk about what it means to be a consistent father and how you do it year after year, so your children will grow up to be the best adults possible. Consistency is key, as they say! This is especially true of fatherhood; consistency in your actions, love, and teaching throughout their lives is the best way to nurture them and help them to grow into mature, responsible adults. Here's how you can do just that! Topics include: •Fatherhood•Consistency•Availability•Talking •Ask Questions•Honesty•Promises•Apologies•Change•Excuses•Flexibility ©2020

Being a Father: Loving Discipline - 22 min. Do you love disciplining your child? No one does! But it’s an important part of raising a child so they fit into life happily and effectively. How you were disciplined as a kid likely impacts how you feel about it. In this video we talk about how to discipline in a loving, compassionate, and consistent way, whether you’re single parenting, co-parenting, or parenting as a couple. We also touch on harmful or abusive discipline and give you the tools you need to raise great kids! Topics include: •Fatherhood•Discipline•Structure•Loving Discipline •Unified Discipline•Helpful Discipline•Boundaries•Safe Environment •Distraction•Positive Reinforcement•Encouragement•Positive Discipline •Verbal Connection•Time-Out•Removal of Privileges•LogicalConsequences •Correctional Discipline•Harmful Discipline•Abuse•Striking•Emotional Abuse•Psychological Abuse•Physical Abuse•Child Neglect •Child Sexual Abuse

Being a Father: Practical Discipline - 23 min. Kids need structure and discipline to help them fit into life. But how do you do that, if the discipline you experienced as a kid was unkind or maybe even unjust? Or what if you had no structure or discipline at all? In this video we talk about the discipline strategies that work and how to discipline your children with compassion, love, and justice so that they learn to manage their own behavior. Topics Include: •Fatherhood•Practical Discipline•Discipline Toolbox•Good choices•Harmful Tools•Yelling•Shame•Hitting•Spanking•Heavy Criticism•Excessive Consequences •Proactive Tools•Melt-Down Avoidance Tool•Boundaries Tool•Modeling Tool•Time-In Tool •Reward Tool• Listening Tool• Walk-on-By Tool•Removal Tool•Additive Tool•Positive Tools •Responsive Strategies

Respect for Mothers - 17 min. No one want to hear bad things said about their moms and children are even more sensitive to hearing their mother insulted. This lesson walks the father through the weaponized triangle that hurts the children when the mother is attacked. It deals practically and sympathetically to the situations of broken relationships, but it is also clear that attacking a child’s mother is harmful. Topics include: •Fatherhood•Respect Mothers•Insults•Practical Application •Negative Talk•Working Together•Separated•Practical Respect•Comforter •Actions ©2013

Discipline Foundation - 18 min. Discipline is not all about punishment. Being a good father that disciplines correctly requires a Strong Hand and a Soft Heart and a Smart Head. A strong hand doesn’t allow bad behavior to continue, a soft heart understands the situation and gives grace where needed, and a smart head understands that issues are born of circumstances. Each of these is discussed on a practical level on how to have all of these in discipline for children. Topics include: •Fatherhood•Discipline•Foundation•Why Discipline •Practicing Discipline•Reactions•Punishment•Teaching•Strong Hand •Soft Heart•Smart Head•Get Involved•Non-Action•Natural Consequences •Responsibility ©2013

Discipline Guidelines - 16 min. Although parenting is always unique to the child, there are some basic guidelines that will help fathers in their parenting. These are discussed with practical application and are, “Don’t discipline a childish child,” “Discipline to fit the behavior,” “Discipline to fit the age”, “Discipline to fit the child”, “Discipline to fit the situation,” “Discipline Creatively,” “Don’t give a consequence you can’t follow through on,” “Use physical discipline sparingly,” “Discipline without shame,” and “Discipline to teach.” Topics include: •Fatherhood•Discipline•Guidelines•Good Instincts •Good Instinct Moments•Thinking Correctly•3 Do’s of Discipline•3 Don’ts of Discipline•Identify Problem•Listen•Consequences•Age Appropriate Discipline•Teaching•Life Lessons•Discipline Without Shame ©2013

Situational Discipline - 19 min. In every discipline situation a parent must Think, Teach, and Follow Through. This lesson covers practical and realistic responses to tantrums, hitting/fighting/pushing and disobedience. It also talks about behaviors which may be signs of something more that needs to be looked into deeper. Topics include: •Fatherhood•Discipline•Situational Discipline •Standard Reactions•Think•Teach•Follow Through•Reactions•Tantrums •Hitting•Fighting•Pushing•Disobedience•Punishment•Strange Behaviors ©2013