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Healing Heart

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Earned: Not yetHealing is heart-deep and vital for clients to grow. Investing in their healing is what th...

Biblical Concepts

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Earned: Not yetThe message of Christ is simple; He gives GRACE! Learn how to communicate that grace to yo...

Firm Foundation

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Earned: Not yetLearning to be the best advocate possible will not only help your clients, it will make yo...

Faithful Shepherd

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Earned: Not yetAdministrators help accomplish the important work of changing lives. Learn how to effectiv...

Tech Savvy Servant

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Earned: Not yetTechnology can enhance relationships and provide opportunities for connection. Administrat...

BrightCourse Experience

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Earned: Not yetHave you had considerable experience using BrightCourse? This badge identifies those who s...

Great Communicator

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Earned: Not yetYou earn this badge by spending time communicating with clients either via text or video c...

Super Sharer

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Earned: Not yetWhen you share lessons, you can earn this badge. Simply assign lessons to clients and your...

Finishing Well

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Earned: Not yetIncrease your client lesson completion rates by following-up, spending time with the clien...

Client Keeping Center

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Earned: Not yetHelping your clients over the long-haul shows your love and passion. This badge is earned ...

Learning Center

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Earned: Not yetThis badge is awarded to your entire center as fellow advocates complete training courses ...

Tech Forward Center

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Earned: Not yetBrightCourse is powerful. But most centers neglect to use many of its helpful capabilities...

Expert Admin

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Special Circumstances Pack

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This pack covers a variety of very hard circumstances with videos that show love, empathy, and truth. Each video is a starting point for healing and a help for those in need.

Healing from Abuse - 19 min. Abuse damages hearts and souls. It lays down a layer of shame in which the wounded heart lies cocooned. What is shame? What is abuse? This video gets to the heart of abuse, the damage it creates, and the distortions we have of ourselves as a result. It provides practical tools to turn wounded hearts toward healing, and it encourages abuse survivors toward rebuilding their lives. Topics include: • healing from abuse • emotional wounds • wounds • shame’s grip • what is healing? • laying down the lie • what is truth? • forgiving others • beginning the process • getting help • shame • leaning into truth • leaning into lies • faith • living in freedom • God’s love • forgiveness. ©2011

Post Abortion Healing - 22 min. Abortion, while extremely common and legal in many parts of our country today, leaves scars and wounds—some physical, some emotional, and some psychological. Even the person who seems unscathed bears the hurts and wounds from this choice. Told through the stories of women who suffered from their abortions and embarked on a journey to healing, this video encourages the post-abortive woman that there is healing and forgiveness after an abortion. Topics include: • post-abortion • abortion • forgiveness • post-traumatic stress disorder • clinical depression • health complications • anxiety • psychological impact • post-abortion syndrome • memorial service • remove power of secret • pain • need for healing • a new beginning • grief • look to God • relief • hope. ©2011

Relationship Loss - 21 min. Human beings were designed to have connections and relationships with others. And true relationships are forged with love, trust, and intimacy. But sometimes those relationships fall apart and end. Other times, significant people in our lives die. The feelings of pain and despair are real, and the loss of a relationship can feel devastating. This video looks at how to cope with loss, the stages of grief, and how to pick up the pieces and start living again. Topics include: • relationship loss • pain • grief • despair • loneliness • denial • anger • bargaining • depression • acceptance. ©2018

Domestic Family Violence - 21 min. Family violence is about power and control. And the members of a household with the least power—the children—are often the ones most harmed, even if they aren’t the direct target of the attack. This video examines family violence and its impact on children. It defines, explains, and suggests prevention, response, and treatment approaches. Rich in cultural and content diversity, Family Violence: Impact on Children features experts, practitioners, and ordinary folks with knowledge and experience. The program awakens the viewer to take action to prevent physical and psychological injury to innocent children. This high-quality production was directed by David Gottlieb, a renowned filmmaker in Hollywood, California. Topics include: • domestic violence • domestic family violence • verbal criticism • verbal abuse • threats • intimidation • property destruction • economic abuse • physical assault • sexual assault • common traits of abusers • impact on children • red flags • fear • safety plan • National Domestic Violence Hotline. ©2011

Pregnancy Loss - 21 min. Pregnancy brings hopes, dreams, and the realization that you have created life. But sadly, some never make it through the first division of that precious zygote that is your child. Some never make it through the first trimester. Often friends and family unknowingly deny a woman the right to grieve after a miscarriage. This video looks at pregnancy loss, encourages a woman to grieve the loss of her unborn child, and celebrates the precious life she helped create but never got to hold. Topics include: • pregnancy loss • understanding your loss • understanding grief • moving forward • those who mean well • God’s comfort • sadness • depression • anger • healing • denial • bargaining • acceptance • honor your child • say good-bye • journaling • Bible reading • every life matters. ©2018

Child Abuse & Neglect - 18 min. Give parents the tools they need to stem child abuse and neglect. In a modern, to-the-point way, young parents learn to deal with this devastating, yet prevalent problem, in the interest of the child. It addresses the following questions: “What if I think I am being abusive to my child?” “Could someone else be abusing my child?” “What do I do if I suspect my child is being abused?” “Where can I get help?" Topics include: • child abuse • physical abuse • emotional abuse • sexual abuse • child neglect • preventing abuse • stopping abuse • signs of emotional abuse • signs of sexual abuse • physical neglect • emotional neglect • medical neglect • educational neglect • drug and alcohol abuse • praise and positive parenting.

Sex and You - 26 min. Sex is a basic human desire that plays a huge role in our lives. We’re all motivated by different reasons for having sex, but having sex can dramatically change our lives for better or for worse. As much as our culture wants to downplay the seriousness of sex, the truth is, there are always strings attached, and they affect us physically, emotionally, and spiritually. In this video, we’ll discuss the best ways to minimize the bad effects sex can have and share the secret to a great sex life. Language Warning: This video bleeps out some explicit language in the interviews. However, the understanding of the words is still apparent in the video. Topics include: • sex and you • sex • risks of casual sex • healthy sex • make a plan • ground rules • basic human desire • sex is physical • sex is emotional • sex is spiritual • STIs • risky sexual behavior • self-respect • love does not demand • sex bonds • relationship order • spiritual development. ©2018

The Heart of the Matter - 22 min. We all desire a deep connection with another person. We want a relationship in which we are known and loved. And . . . we want to have a great sex life, too. But can you have all of this through hookups, in one-night stands, or by living with someone before marriage? Our culture says, “Yes!” In this video, we will look at how sex bonds us physically, emotionally, and spiritually with every sexual partner we have, even if they’re not “THE ONE.” We’ll look at what casual sex and constant breakups can do to our future relationships, and what it takes to find the one partner who will stick around through good times and bad. Language Warning: This video bleeps out some explicit language in the interviews. However, the understanding of the words is still apparent in the video. Topics include: • sex • connection • Adam and Eve • God designed sex • freedom to choose • sexual bonds • sex is physical • sex is emotional • sex is spiritual • lasting relationships • oxytocin • save sex for marriage • sexual risks • marriage isn’t perfect • make a plan • define the relationship • God’s love • one night stands • hookups ©2019

STD/STI Avoidance - 19 min. We live in a day when hooking up is as easy as a swipe to the right with no strings attached. There are friends with benefits, sex without a relationship or sex to keep one, sex as a way to get to know someone, sex to get what you want, and sex to forget someone you love. But is this really true? Can we really just have sex with no strings attached? In this video, we’ll explore the physical consequences of casual sex, how to truly protect yourself from STIs, and how to have great sex! Language Warning: This video bleeps out some explicit language in the interviews. However, the understanding of the words is still apparent in the video. Topics include: • STDs • STIs • bacterial infections • viral infections • chlamydia • human papillomavirus • syphilis • trichomoniasis • genital herpes • HIV/AIDS • gonorrhea • bacterial vaginosis • hepatitis B • hepatitis C • preventing STDs/STIs • sexual bonds • condoms • symptoms • no symptoms • antibiotic resistance • STD testing • STI testing. ©2019

Choosing Marriage - 20 min. Many in our culture today view marriage as inconvenient and costly—outdated, unattainable, and maybe even the stuff of fantasy. Many have a “try before you buy” motto about relationships. But does this really get you to where you want to be—in a relationship with the guy who wants to spend the rest of his life with you? In this video, we will explore all that and discuss the best way to find “the one” who will commit to you, promise to love you, and be there for you no matter what. Language Warning: This video bleeps out some explicit language in the interviews. However, the understanding of the words is still apparent in the video. Topics include: • choosing marriage • the exact opposite • marriage is different • making the choice • deep connections • lifelong bonds • one night stands • hookups • living together • cohabitation • toxic relationships • marriage is better • setting boundaries • defining relationship goals. ©2019

Making the Commitment - 18 min. Finding the right partner to live life with is both valuable and worth putting in the time and effort for! Commitment and determination, if you stick with it, will net you the kind of love you want—the kind that puts you first and keeps you first forever. But commitment isn’t easy. In this video, we’ll explore why it’s important, what it means, and how you can do it. We’ll show you a great plan that will get you on the road to a happier life—and better sex. You can make the commitment. Language Warning: This video bleeps out some explicit language in the interviews. However, the understanding of the words is still apparent in the video. Topics include: • marriage • sex outside of marriage • making the commitment • set dating boundaries • living the plan • active sex life • sex in marriage • follow through • communication • healthy boundaries • temptations • sexual bonds • safe sex • living together. ©2019

Unraveled Roots: Why am I here? - 7 min. You want life to be different, but have no idea how to change it. You may doubt that change is even possible. But you’re here because you’re tired of the cycle. Tired of finding yourself in the same place over and over again. We're here to tell you this: You are not alone. You didn't arrive here overnight. And there is a reason you are in this place.

Unraveled Roots: The Root of Abandonment - 13 min. This lesson explores the first root: Abandonment. Have you ever been in a crowd and felt lonely? Misunderstood? Or simply invisible? Most of us have at one time or another. But some have felt that most of their childhood. In this lesson, you will learn how to identify abandonment from your past and move beyond to healing. The Fact Sheet contains client workbook pages 1-11.

Unraveled Roots: The Root of Addiction - 14 min. This lesson addresses the second root: Addiction. Parents who struggle with substance or behavior addictions model unhealthy and damaging ways for their children to feel good about themselves, cope with disappointments, and build relationships. If your parent(s) reached for drugs, sex, food, or more to make themselves feel happy, loved, in control—or at least to numb their pain, they likely ended up inflicting pain on you. This lesson will help you identify addiction in your past and learn how to move beyond it to healing and growth. The Fact Sheet contains client workbook pages 1-7 & 15-17.. The Discussion Sheet contains workbook pages 8-14.

Unraveled Roots: The Root of Abuse - 13 min. This lesson addresses the third root: Abuse. Any kind of abuse, especially in childhood, can damage a sense of who we are and rob us of security, especially in childhood. In this lesson, we will identify the different types of abuse and learn how to heal and grow. The Fact Sheet contains client workbook pages 1-7 & 14. The Discussion Sheet contains workbook pages 8-13.

Unraveled Roots: The Root of Codependency - 13 min. This lesson will address the fourth root: Codependency. When we become too closely intertwined with others and depend on them to provide our value and purpose, our personal growth and development are damaged. In this lesson, we will explore the concept of codependency, identify if this is present in your life, and help you heal and grow to move beyond. The Fact Sheet contains client workbook pages 1-5 & 13-15. The Discussion Sheet contains workbook pages 6-12.

Unraveled Roots: Where Do I Grow Now? - 5 min. You now know the why, so let's dig into the way. How do you move forward into a new way of living? What does this look like? Can your life really be different? Are you strong enough? In this final lesson of Unraveled Roots, we will answer these questions, equipping you to take healthy steps forward to a new day.

Your Relationship: Healthy, Unhealthy or Toxic? - 19 min. How healthy is your relationship? Do you sense in your heart something is off, but you can’t quite put your finger on it? In this lesson, we examine the health of your intimate relationships, past or present. We will discuss the difference between normal relational conflict, domestic abuse, and narcissism. You deserve to be treated with value. Learn to set boundaries that speak to your value.

Understanding Power and Control in Intimate Partner Relationships - 18 min. Most people experiencing abuse don’t recognize it because of how they define it. During this lesson, we will discuss the many ways abusive behaviors presents itself. You will receive a clear understanding of psychological abuse, property abuse, verbal abuse, and much more. You will learn about the obvious and subtle forms of domestic abuse, and how the behavior is less about the type of abuse and more about the misuse of power and control.

Recognizing the Cycle of Abuse - 16 min. It is common to think that someone has an anger or substance abuse issue when really it is domestic abuse. Abuse is a choice someone makes to gain power and control over their intimate partner. Anger is an emotion but abuse is a choice. It repeats over and over, like a cycle. In this lesson, you will learn to recognize the cycle of abuse. If a person can recognize it, they can make choices to bring an end to the abuse in their life.

Warning Signs of Unhealthy People - 18 min. You usually can’t tell when you first meet someone if they are unhealthy or if they might be abusive. But there are signs you can watch for. The use of power and control is a pattern of behaviors. In this lesson, you will learn to recognize some of the most common warning signs of abusive people.

Can an Abuser Change? - 18 min. No one enters a relationship to see it end. That is why this question, “Can an abuser change?” is so important to answer. In this lesson, we will draw on the two decades of experience working with those who abuse, as well as research to answer this question and another important one, “What if he doesn’t change?”

Reclaiming Your Value & Experiencing Healthy Relationships - 18 min. Do you recognize your value and your worth? When you truly feel worthy, you will begin to say “no” to the abuse in your life. How do you get there after your self-worth was damaged? In this lesson, we will teach you about how God values you, and how believing this truth will change your life. Learn the signs of healthy relationships. You have power to make changes, live life free of abuse, and experience healthy relationships.