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First Year Pack

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The first year of a babies life is so important! Each of these lessons will creatively teach your clients medically recommended practices while relating to their shared experiences.

Mommy Work - 16 min. Balancing family and work. With only 24 hours in a day, how do you manage these two full-time jobs and do both well? After all, there ARE only so many hours in a day, and a few of those need to involve sleep! When both your boss and your family require 100 percent of your time and energy, how do you strike a healthy balance? We’ll take a look at how to balance work and family in this video, and how to take great care of yourself! topics included first-year •anytime •balance •priorities •family time •housework •school •activities •self-time •stress •boundaries •electronics •relationships •motivation •discouragement • Closed Captions: English ©2018

Being a Super Mom - 19 min. Mommies have to stretch like Elastigirl and wear a lot of capes all at the same time. In addition to scaling large buildings in a single bound, you also have to be organized and run like a well-oiled machine to make it all work. Ever wish you could use the Lasso of Truth with your kids? Well, keep your magic bracelets on, girl, cuz this video will give you tips on how to stay organized, on time, meet the needs of your family, and maintain your superhero status! Topics include: •first year •boundaries •prioritize •time priorities •truth •honesty •safe loving homes •listening •valuing kids •organization •freedom •unconditional love Closed Captions: English ©2018

Car Seat Safety - 39 min. Parents are responsible for keeping their children safe, including traveling safely with them. Car seat recommendations and laws change and vary by state. Add to that the stress of figuring out which car seat is right for your child and car, and how to install and use it correctly. It can feel overwhelming for a parent making these important decisions. This video will help sort through the choices a parent has when faced with selecting the right car seat. It will also give tips on correctly installing a car seat, and where to go for help if it is too confusing. Finally, this video will cover how to correctly use the seat once installed so parents may feel confident their children are traveling safely. Topics include: 2nd trimester •3rd trimester •after birth •inertia •LATCH •seat belts •tethers •NHTSA •rear-facing •state laws •installation •infant-only seats •convertible car seats •all-in-one car seat •forward-facing •combination car seat •booster seats • Closed Captions: English ©2017

Mommy Nutrition - 22 min. Let’s see…the choice between chocolate cake or a Snicker’s Bar for lunch vs a healthy alternative. The choice is tough, isn’t it? What feels good vs what is good! This video looks at why a mommy’s nutritional needs are important and how you can make healthy choices 90 percent of the time so that you don’t have to feel guilty about those occasional “feel-good” choices. We’ll take a look at what your nutritional needs really are, and how you can easily meet them, with just a little planning. Topics include: •processed foods •junk food •emotional eating •habits •nutrition •myplate.gov •fruits and vegetables •whole grains •proteins •dairy •oils •choosemyplate.gov Closed Captions: English ©2019

Preventing Child Sexual Abuse - 29 min. Protecting their children from harm is every parent’s responsibility and concern. Finding out their children were sexually abused is a parent’s nightmare. Ninety percent of sexual abuse happens to victims who know and trust their abuser. So, what can you do to protect your child in a day and age where pornography is easily accessible and stranger danger is no longer your greatest threat? Are sleepovers still safe or should they be avoided? This video answers these questions and takes a close look at what child sexual abuse is, how to teach your children to be safe, how parents can spot potentially unsafe situations for their children, and what you should do if you suspect your child was abused. Topics include: •3rd trimester •any time after birth •laws •sexual fondling •oral sex •intercourse •peeping •flashing •pornography •stranger danger •risks •dating •red flags •behavioral signs •grooming •communication •boundaries •secrets •sleep overs •reporting • Closed Captions: English ©2017

Childhood Immunizations - 29 min. Opinions about vaccines are easy to find and it is hard to know what to believe. This DVD uses CDC sources and documented studies to explore the truth about vaccines including: The History of Vaccines; How Vaccines are Made; Are Vaccines Safe; Common Ingredients in Vaccines; Do We Really Need Vaccinations; and Immunization Details. Topics include: •3rd trimester •any time after birth •vaccines •autism •safety •ethyl-mercury •thimerosal •formaldehyde •measles •smallpox •Hepatitis B •rotavirus •DTaP •diptheria •pertussis •tetanus •Hib Haemophilus Influenza •pneumonia •bacteremia •meningitis •pneumococcal conjugate •polio virus •MMR •measles •mumps •rubella •chickenpox •varicella •hepatitis A •influenza • Closed Captions: English ©2015

SIDS - 22 min. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is a scary and confusing subject for most parents. Much research over the years has led to many different recommendations that have greatly reduced the chances of an infant dying unexpectedly. Should you be reasonably worried about SIDS? What can you do to reduce the risk of SIDS happening to your baby? And, how important is it to follow these recommendations? This video will answer these questions and help parents have the peace of mind about SIDS as well as a game plan to reduce the risk of SIDS dramatically for their babies. Topics Include Safe Sleep Topics include: •3rd trimester •any time after birth •sudden infant death syndrome •suffocation •strangulation •unknown death •reduce •back to sleep •firm sleeping surface •crib safety •recommendations •co-sleeping •smoking •smoke exposure •pacifiers •breastfeeding •swaddling •overheating •vaccines • Closed Captions: English ©2017

Newborn Sickness - 25 min. Colds, the flu, stomach bugs, rashes, and other bacterial or viral infections. These are many of the illnesses parents face when raising children. How do you treat a fever, avoid dehydration, or cope with a nasty cold? Most illnesses can be treated at home. This video takes a look at the common potential illnesses an infant may get within their first year of life and how to treat them. We’ll look at what should go into your home first aid kit, ways to help prevent or keep from spreading illness, and when you should see your medical provider. Topics include: •newborn •illness •fevers •dehydration •respiratory illness •colds •RSV •respiratory syncytial virus •flu •ear infections •GER •gastroesophageal reflux •spit up •colic •gastroenteritis •stomach flu •constipation •impetigo •hand-foot-mouth disease •diaper rash •bacterial •viral •fungal •allergies •eczema • Closed Captions: English ©2018

Infant Accidents - 17 min. Bringing a baby home is exciting. But keeping them safe can be stressful! As they grow, they begin to kick and push with their legs, grab at things, roll over, and crawl. These exciting milestones can cause you lots of worries about keeping your baby safe. In this video we discuss how to prevent and plan for childhood accidents as well as the most common accidents infants can have. We also talk about what to do if your baby gets hurt. Topics include: •Infants •Accidents •Falls •Scrapes •Cuts and abrasions •Bruises •Bug bites •Stings •Prevention •Head injuries •Drowning •Burns/Scalds •Choking and suffocation •Poisoning • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2021

Infant CPR - 20 min. Newscasts are filled with stories about SIDS, drownings, accidents, and other scenarios involving babies and children. Knowing that you are responsible for keeping your baby safe is scary for any parent. What would you do if your child was choking or stopped breathing? Could you save your baby’s life? This video instructs parents or caregivers on how to perform choking and CPR procedures on a baby if they have a breathing or cardiac emergency. While this does not replace an accredited CPR class, this video will familiarize a person on these important lifesaving steps. Topics include: •3rd trimester •after birth •cardiopulmonary resuscitation •breathing •choking •CPR •compressions •CAB •blood circulation •airway •emergency •unresponsive • Closed Captions: English ©2017

Infant Nutrition - 22 min. There are many nutrients your baby needs in order to thrive. Putting it all together may seem like a complicated chemistry assignment. While a lot goes into providing your infant with a healthy diet, whether you’re breastfeeding, using formula, or eventually introducing solid foods, it’s really not complicated. Your healthy diet establishes a positive pattern for your family. No matter which feeding method you use, the same nutrients that keep you healthy will keep your baby healthy too. This video looks at the type of nutrients and the balanced diet your baby needs in order to thrive and grow. Topics include: 3rd trimester •after birth •vitamins •minerals •carbohydrates •nutrients •fatty acids •breast milk •formula •proteins •iron •folate •zinc •solid foods •food allergies •hives •rashes •swelling •sneezing •breathing problems •stomach symptoms •peanuts •eggs •soy •wheat •shellfish •cow milk • Closed Captions: English ©2017

Baby On the Move - 26 min. Even before your baby was born, she was on the move. Much of her physical development before and after birth leads to her ultimate goals of standing and walking. From the earliest milestones to when she is finally walking, skipping, and jumping, a baby must learn many new skills along the way. This video will walk a parent through the developmental milestones that ultimately lead to their baby’s first steps. It will also offer helpful tips to create a safe environment for a baby’s exploration, and what to do if they come to a bump in the road, where their baby is not hitting those key milestones. Topics include:•any time after birth •reflexes •startle reflex •rooting reflex •stepping reflex •grasping reflex •rolling over • pushing up •sitting up •crawling •bear crawl •belly crawl •commando crawl •bottom scooter •crab crawl •rolling crawl •safety •pulling up •standing •walking • Closed Captions: English©2017

Getting Your Baby to Sleep - 18 min. When baby don’t sleep, mama don’t sleep either! It’s hard getting your baby to sleep long enough in order for you to get adequate sleep too! It can turn any of us into mombies, you know, mom-zombies! Why do babies sleep for such short stretches of time, and when can you expect yours to sleep through the night? What is a normal sleep cycle, and what makes a baby a ‘good’ sleeper? This video will answer these questions, help you through some common sleep challenges, and give you some tips on how to get your baby into a sleep cycle you can live and sleep with! Topics include: •newborn thru first year •newborn sleep •sleep cycle •sleep habits •sleep environments •sleep/wake cycle •self-soothing •cry-it-out •naps •SIDS •night waking •swaddling •bedtime routine •sleeping at night • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2019

Crying - 24 min. We love our babies, but we HATE their crying. Especially the inconsolable crying that you can’t fix! It’s hard to listen to, and it makes us so EMOTIONAL! It evokes feelings from deep within! You may be wondering, “Is this normal?” “Am I doing something wrong?” Or worse, “Is there something wrong with my baby?” There may even be a niggling little voice inside wondering, “Am I a bad parent?” This video answers all those questions and talks about ways you can soothe your baby and what to do if you can’t stop the crying! Topics include: •Crying •Cry •Hungry •Soothe •Excessive Crying •Inconsolable •Fussy Periods •Infant Colic •Crying Stage •Different Cries •Baby’s Temperament • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2020

Quality Child Care - 21 min. Choosing child care that is right for you and your child can be difficult. This DVD covers the possible problems to look for, what types of care are available, and the questions that should be asked at the facility. Also covered are the following topics: Defining What You Want, Family and Friends, Licensed Family Child Care Homes, Licensed Day-Care Facilities, Locating a Center, Checking Out Facilities, Centers You Should Stay Away From. The information on this DVD is simple and easily accessible with a 7.2 Flesch–Kincaid Grade Level score. Topics include: •Caregiver •Childcare Center •Babysitters •Child Care Homes •Day Care Facilities •Early Learning Programs •Child Care Program •Preschool Programs •Hands on Learning •Early Childhood Teachers • Closed Captions: English ©2015

Understanding Your Infant - 21 min. Probably one of the scariest things in life is bringing home your newborn for the first time and realizing, “I DON’T COMPLETELY KNOW WHAT I’M DOING!” Well, give yourself a big hug ‘cuz most parents feel this way! After all, babies can’t really tell you what they need…or can they? In this video, we talk about understanding your baby’s needs and how they communicate, their personality, and how they learn and grow. We’ll also talk about understanding how you can take great care of yourself and line up the support you need. Topics include: •Newborn •Baby’s Needs •Crying •Baby’s Personality •Developmental Milestones •Cognitive Milestones •Social and Emotional Milestones •Movement Milestones •Language Milestones •Moodiness •Understand My Baby • Growing Up •Temperament • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2020

0-3 Months: Infant Expectations - 24 min. In the first three months, it may seem that all your baby does at first is eat, sleep, poop, and repeat. But really, a lot of changes occur as your newborn discovers life outside the womb. They are developing physical strength, learning to communicate and interact with you, and taking in all the sights and sounds of their new world. And to top it off, they are hitting important milestones that start them on their way to growing up! In this video, we talk about what milestones are and the milestones your baby should be hitting by three months! Topics include: •3 Months •Newborn •Milestones •Zero to Three Month Range •Child Development •Physical Development •Grasp Reflex •Supervised Tummy Time •Vision •Hearing •Speech and Language •Social Milestones •Emotional Milestones • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2020

3-6 Months: Infant Expectations - 20 min. When your baby was born, the only sounds they made were contented coos and grunts when eating or loud wails when they needed you. But just six months later, your smart little baby is babbling newly discovered sounds like, “mmmm” and vowels like “ah” that when strung together will be music to your ears! And your excited squeals encourage them in just the right way. In this video, we talk about the development you’ll see in your baby in the three to six-month range and how you can encourage and help your baby learn. Topics include: •3-6 Months •Language and Communication •Social and Emotional Milestones •Cognitive Milestones •Development •Normal Expected Age Ranges •Infant Milestones •Movement Milestones •Physical Development •Baby’s Personality •Interacting with Baby • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2020

6-9 Months: Infant Expectations - 20 min. You have brains in your head and feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. And just as Dr. Seuss suggests, your baby is discovering their mobility! They’re beginning to move around on their own and interact with their family and other familiar people in their lives. Their brains are developing so quickly, and they’re learning so much! In this video, we talk about your baby’s brain development and the milestones you’ll see them hitting by nine months! Topics include: •6-9 months•Brain Development•Movement Milestones•Language Milestones•Communication Milestones•Social Milestones•Emotional Milestones•Cognitive Milestones•When to Call Provider•Brain Connections •Motor Development•Pincer Grip•Fear of Strangers•Crawling•Simple Words•Passing Objects • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2020

9-12 Months: Infant Expectations - 19 min. It’s hard to believe that your baby is getting ready to hit their first birthday! That’s epic! They have changed so much from when they were first born! Soon you’ll have a toddler to chase after! And with this comes a bit of independence that can create a little bit of insecurity for both you and your baby. In this video, we talk about those milestones your baby will be hit by one year and the things you can do to help your child adjust to their new-found independence. Topics include: •9-12 months•Baby’s Mind •Movement Milestones•Language Milestones•Communication Milestones •Social Milestones•Emotional Milestones•Brain Growth•Walking•Cruising •Non-Verbal Communication•Talking•Shy Around Strangers•Easily Distracted•Use of Cup•Explores Things•Finds Hidden Things • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2020

Dunstan Baby Language 1 - 10 min. Covering the first three sounds and Priscilla's story, this lesson will help your clients understand their baby and the crys and sounds they make. Included chapters in this lesson are: Priscillas’ Story, Welcome, "neh" means feed me, "owh" means tired, "eh" means burp me. Dunstan baby language comes from Priscilla Dunstan, who was born with the unusual gift of a photographic memory for sounds. She could hear patterns in sounds no one else could hear. When her son, Tom, was born, she found a special use for her ability. The Dunstan Baby Language DVD teaches parents the five cries all newborns use to communicate their everyday needs. You’ll know when your baby is hungry, tired, needs burping, has lower wind, or is simply uncomfortable. You’ll settle your baby faster, resulting in a happier baby who sleeps longer and cries less. Topics include: •Dunstan Baby Language•Priscilla Dunstan•Neh•Owh•Eh •Hungry•Tired•Needs to be Burped•Baby Sleep•Feeding•Baby Words • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2006

Dunstan Baby Language 2 - 23 min. In lesson two you will hear from parents and how learning to communicate with their baby has helped them understand their child. Dunstan baby language comes from Priscilla Dunstan, who was born with the unusual gift of a photographic memory for sounds. She could hear patterns in sounds no one else could hear. When her son, Tom, was born, she found a special use for her ability. The Dunstan Baby Language DVD teaches parents the five cries all newborns use to communicate their everyday needs. You’ll know when your baby is hungry, tired, needs burping, has lower wind, or is simply uncomfortable. You’ll settle your baby faster, resulting in a happier baby who sleeps longer and cries less. Topics include: •Dunstan Baby Language•Neh•Owh•Eh•Toni•Nicole •Catherine•Priscilla Dunstan•Listen to Baby•Melanie•Hungry•Needs to be Burped•Baby Sleep•Baby Words • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2006

Dunstan Baby Language 3 - 10 min. In lesson three you will learn what the sounds Eairh and Heh mean. Dunstan baby language comes from Priscilla Dunstan, who was born with the unusual gift of a photographic memory for sounds. She could hear patterns in sounds no one else could hear. When her son, Tom, was born, she found a special use for her ability. The Dunstan Baby Language DVD teaches parents the five cries all newborns use to communicate their everyday needs. You’ll know when your baby is hungry, tired, needs burping, has lower wind, or is simply uncomfortable. You’ll settle your baby faster, resulting in a happier baby who sleeps longer and cries less. Topics include: •Dunstan Baby Language•Priscilla Dunstan•Baby Words •Listen to Baby•Eairh•Heh•Gas Bubble Pain•Baby Massage•Diaper Change•Baby Body Temperature•Uncomfortable Baby • Closed Captions: English/Spanish ©2006

Teething Time - 22 min. Most babies will develop teeth between 6 and 12 months. Teeth are an important part of a child's health and development. In this lesson, you will learn the physical effects of teething. We will discuss teething and breastfeeding and the do's and don'ts of soothing a child during this phase. Topics include: •Teething •Teething necklaces •Teething bracelets •Teething beads •Teething Rings •Benzocaine •Belladonna •Breastfeeding •Soothing teething pain •Drooling •Fussiness •Fever •Loss of appetite Closed Captions: English ©2022

Feeding Your Baby: The Bottle - 21 min. How you will feed your baby, is an important decision to make. Babies spend 3-4 hours feeding in the earliest days. Feeding is a special time to bond with your baby. This lesson discusses the cleaning and sanitizing of baby bottles and the preparation of formula based on the packaging instructions. Topics include: •Feeding •Bottles •Nipples •Formula •Cow's milk •Iron•Sanitizing bottles •Formula preparation •Bottle heating •Bottle temperature •Feeding schedule •Signs of hunger •Burping •Spit Up •Rooting reflex •Bonding •Tooth decay Closed Captions: English ©2022